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As Nalo unites its customers into a family, we like to share what Nalo means to our family members.  If you'd like your story featured, email us at or DM us on instagram @naloclothing.

Your Stories

"Nalo has a meaning of unity to me. To be specific, it’s more than just a clothing brand. Nalo as a whole presents an individual a chance to feel apart of something big. That “something” to me, is a sense of life. To “Live Free and Explore More”. That sense of life brings a community of explorers, adventurers, nature enthusiasts, photographers, ect... all together. 

When I first heard of Nalo, they were a small company, just beginning their success. Over the past year I had watched Nalo and their followers carry their name around the globe. A community of people spreading the same message across the map, “Live Free and Explore More”.  Once I finally pulled the trigger to purchase my own Nalo clothing, it’s followed along on every trip. I wear the brand proudly in effort to bring more individuals with the same mind set together. To “Live Free and Explore More”'. - Tom Pratl 



"To me, Nalo means a sense of family.  Not because we're related, but because adventure lives within our hearts.  But there is one aspect of adventure that most people forget, nature is someone else's house.  It's where the wildlife live and that's what Nalo stands to protect.  When Nalo came to me about getting a shirt to show my support, there was no hesitation in ordering one right away.  We both connected over our love for Hawaii and exploring more than our little hometowns.  Nalo inspires me to literally 'Live Free, Explore More'". - Jordan Poskitt


"When I put on Nalo clothing I represent adventure, friendship, and comfort. Whenever or wherever I travel, bringing Nalo is a must.  It inspires my friends and me to get out and explore.  Nalo to me is good vibes and good times shared with my homies!" - James Cooper


"Nalo in my eyes means to me that I am somebody important in changing the world. Your posts, videos, and commitment to changing the world has made me think about making changes in my life and the things that surround me including nature and the enivorment. I can't think of a better company than you guys to spread the message of seeing nature in a totally different way. I do want to thank you again for making a statement about changing the perspective about nature." - Justin Grant