About Dida

Profits from our “Pack Your Trunks” tee are going to sponsor a specific African female Tusker elephant, Dida


Dida is a 45-50 year old Tusker, named after her first sighting in the Dida Harea region of Tsavo East, Kenya.  She is the head of her herd which consisted of 15 elephants, but has recently been reduced to 7 due to poaching.  She is a very protective leader of her pack, and is a great example of what the perfect Tusker should look like.


The Iconic female Tuskers are known for their rather long ivory, or tusks, that uniquely distinguish themselves from other elephants. Ivory is a very luxurious material for poachers, which is why these elephants are endangered. In an underdeveloped country, the tusk of an elephant can equip a poacher with more than a year’s salary. Poaching has been made illegal, but the rewards are too high for these poachers to stop hunting. 


With each purchase, Dida will be supplied with surveillance and protection from these poachers. The International Elephant Foundation serves as a guardian for these elephants by constantly keeping an eye on them for poachers, taking care of fallen Tuskers properly, monitoring the herd’s movements, and minimize other wildlife crime occurring. 


Together, we can provide Dida with the protection to keep her alive and in charge of her herd.